Adventures on the High Street(s)

Tonbridge's High Street

Tonbridge's High Street

On Friday I decided to check out down town.  The Brits call it the High Street.  I’ve actually learned from experience (shocking I know!) and waited to buy the heavy stuff on my way back!

My first purchase was at a candy shop (again shocking!).  I bought crystalized ginger in honour of Professor Slughorn of Harry Potter fame and my mother.  One piece later, the package is on the way to my mom (well, it will be!).  I also picked up Rhubarb and Custard hard candy and Mint Chocolate (hello Eileen!).  The place was filled with fascinating things that must have inspired JK Rowling (I think it was a chain store) for the treat lady on the Hogwarts Express.

I also checked out the two big pharmacies and picked up some toiletries.  This was after passing 3 shoe stores without even going into them!  You have no idea how much self-control that required!  I bought some storage things and hangers at the

£ store.  So all of this was light on it’s own, but not so light after carrying it for a mile.  The bigger problem is that it’s about 2.7 miles from the end of High Street to home.  I’m quite thankful for the numerous benches that have been strategically placed between High Street and York Parade (where I get groceries).  I kept thinking of Renata’s hilarious tale about going for a walk with Lena when she first moved to Calgary.

My initial plan was to pick up some groceries on my way past York Parade. Along the way I decided to forgo the groceries.  Then I thought that if I didn’t pick them up on my way by, then I’d need to go back and get them.  So in my infinite wisdom (said very tongue-in-cheek) I bought groceries which only made my arms hurt even more.  To only increase my enjoyment of this voluntary forced march I got lost trying to take Paul’s shortcut home from the shops.

Needless-to-say (but I’m gonna anyway!) I slept well that night!


3 thoughts on “Adventures on the High Street(s)

  1. Two big pharmacies? Was one of them perhaps Boots? My friend Tina just told me about this place, and I’ve already checked out their website and am drooling over everything! She recommends the Imperial Leather Foamburst Body Wash — lucky!

  2. Yes, one is Boots. I’ll have to check that body wash out! I’m thankful that I’ve had a few weeks to get organized before school starts. I’m looking forward to school though. I’m such a teacher, through and through!

  3. Hi Erin,
    I just got the link to your blog today from Selina. I didn’t know you were writing one. I’m glad to see that you haven’t forgotten about me yet. I’m enjoying catching up on your adventures.

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