Church and Castle

On Sunday I walked to St Stephens for the morning service (about an hour).  The building is being renovated and so the 10:30 service is meeting in the chapel at Judd’s School, a grammer school for girls.  It was an interesting service.  Nary a prayer book in sight; which, to be honest was a bit disappointing.  The music on the other hand was great.  They did contemporary worship songs (I knew I’d forget which ones!) including one my favourites – Here I Am to Worship.  There was no “message,” but rather a very interactive explanation of the Festival of Tabernacles.  I was very impressed with how the minister put the service together.  It was an all-ages service so lots of families.  I was surprised at how casual some were dressed, but pleasantly surprised.  I’m going to go to the church that is closest to my house next Sunday and see what it’s like.

My first glimpse of the castle.

My first glimpse of the castle.

After church, I stopped and wandered around the castle.  There is an admission charge to see the gatehouse and do the audio tour.  I decided to leave that for a day that I was fresher.  There was a plaque commemorating some event (urgh, I hate when I forget things!) that happened in 1297 at the castle.  I’m having some trouble wrapping my brain around 700 years of history.  I’m looking forward to the Medieval Fair on the 12th and 13th of September.

So, when did you see your first castle?


One thought on “Church and Castle

  1. My first castle that I saw, was in Germany, through a train window, but at the moment my fav castle is Cinderella’s Castle at Walt Disney World!

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