Emancipation of Erin Celebration

Amazing story

Amazing story

I left for the UK last week so that I’d have arrived and been settled so for Thursday.  It wasn’t as a tough as I expected it.  I smiled whenever I thought about I was I doing in a place I had always dreamed of being.  It was a great escape; just what I needed.

I took the train to London Bridge and then the tube to Swiss Cottage station.  I found the hostel by following two Canadians (I knew from the luggage tags) with suitcases.  It was a beautiful Victorian building with very friendly staff.  Lunch time found me at Victoria Station (one of the largest, if not the largest stations in London with trains, underground, and bus connections).  The Apollo Theatre was right across the street.

Wicked was simply amazing.  Before leaving Canada I listened to  an audiobook edition of The Wizard of Oz and I read Wicked while I was in Alberta.  It’s not often that the show/movie is better than the book, but this was one of those rare exceptions.  I really appreciated the changes they made to the plot; it actually made Elphba a much more sympathetic character and made Glinda actually likable!  Simply, it is sensational.  I don’t think I could recommend it any higher.

The much anticipated show...and pretty disappointing.

The much anticipated show...and pretty disappointing.

Wednesday evening found me at Grease.  I was really disappointed by this show and it might have been the one I most looking forward to.  I absolutely LOVE the movie.  Mom and Holly took me to it when I was 3 and on a trip to Mount Rushmore.  Holly gave me the record back in the day too!  They used many of the same costumes and choreography as the movie.  The man playing Danny was excellent as was Sandy, but it just felt like watching a live action version of the film.  I’m still glad I went because I would have always wondered.  Oh well!  They did play a ’50s radio station’ complete with commercials while we were getting seated.  That was pretty cool.

Exeeded over a decade of built-up expectations!

Exeeded over a decade of built-up expectations!

Last week a lady at the bank said that I’d love Wicked, but Lion King was even better.  Lion King was amazing.  I think the plot was better in Wicked, but the imagination that transfered an animated movie into live theatre was unbelievable.  It was truly a spectacle in the best sense of the word!  My mom is really likes making costumes and I thought she was really imaginative (she once made a giant shoe costume complete with Addias stripes!), but these even outshone her costumes!  About 12-13 years ago, I saw The Lion King showcased on the Rosie O’Donnell show and never forgot it.  I could see the gazelles leaping in my mind from then until now!  I watched 90% of the show leaning forward, resting my chin in my hands, completely enchanted!  Again, this show totally exceeded my very high expectations.  I’d love to see it again, and may try to talk any Canadians visiting me into seeing it with me!


2 thoughts on “Emancipation of Erin Celebration

  1. very cool, I love the way you talk about Lion King, I can just see you typing and getting excited about it.

  2. You have been in England all this time and I am just beginning to see on the Internet where you have actually been. Oh, you told me alright, but for one who never had a computer until after retirement, I am doing okay. But, finding some of your exploits just today made it an exciting day for me. Now, I won’t need to go to these places when I come to visit you this spring! Love, M

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