Snow Day!

I’ve been sick.  To be honest, I haven’t really felt well since before the last term break (mid October).  I keep getting almost better and then coming down with something.  This time it was a nasty cough.  I ended up not going to school Monday through Thursday.  Today (Friday, 18 December) I was up, showered, and looking for warm dress clothes when Palak (my amazing department head, he’s everything an administrator should be) called and said that the school is officially closed.  Last night Piers ‘reckoned’ (which is not hilly-billy over here, actually almost posh) that the kids wouldn’t be going today, but that since I walk I’d be expected to go in.  Fair enough; I can’t remember ever not going to school on a snow day.  And that goes back as far as living in Kelwood and Dad picking teachers up with the sleigh and ponies! (We won’t talk about how many moons ago that was!)

So how much snow does it take to shut the school?  According to the school website and other media sources  this is a ‘heavy snowfall.’  Pfft!

View from the front door at about 9 am. Note the couple of sets of tracks...not much moves when it snows over here.

Seriously, how much snow is this? 6"?? I will concede that it is wet and heavy.

The willows in the field beyond the back garden

This could have been taken in Canada, eh? But it wasn't. Seriously, I'm telling you the truth!


One thought on “Snow Day!

  1. Ever so nice pictures – “interesting” (for lack of a better word) that this snowfall resulted in a snowday! Hope that you get some rest over the break and get feeling better. Sending Love from across the pond! w.

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