Ticks Many Boxes…

Piers has wanted to see the sheep in Ashdown Forest for a few weeks.  Perhaps I should explain, sheep may very well be Piers’ favourite animal (he likes tigers too).  He gets so excited when we drive by a sheep field especially if there are lambs.  Now, some of this is put on a bit, but he truly loves to see sheep.  So Sunday’s impromptu drive to a carvery for a traditional Sunday roast dinner, side trip to the shopping district in Eastbourne, cumulated with a stop in Ashdown forest.

Ticking the First Box

I was expecting to see some sheep and watch Piers muck about pretending to try and catch one to hug.  I wasn’t expecting to see something on my wish list for close to 25 years or however long since I first read the syrupy sweet description of the heather clad hills of Britain.  It wasn’t even me that figured out that the brownish-purplish patches in the outstanding view were the much anticipated first sight of heather.  During my recent trip to Canada, I got used to seeing close to half the fields laying fallow due to the very wet weather the prairies are experiencing.  My mind just skipped over these breaks in the verdant vista as ‘bald spots.’  Oops!

Heather Clad Hills

Getting up close and personal with the heather

Ticking the Second Box

Seeing sheep.  And I can’t think of any verbose way to describe it.  Much to your relief, I imagine!

Getting up close and personal with the sheep 🙂

Piers claims to really want to hug a sheep.  He’s so not a farm kid!




As the photo record shows, no sheep were harmed in Piers’ unsuccessful attempts to steal a hug!

Ticking the Third Box

So, this was a box I didn’t know I had on my list.  Turns out that Ashdown Forest was the inspiration for The Hundred Acre Wood of Winnie-the-Pooh fame.  So the girl from Winnipeg, the city Winnie was named after, made it to the setting of the stories.  I’ve only ever read the Disneyfied versions of the books to kids I knew, but I do love me some Eeyore.

If you’re interested in more about the Pooh/Ashdown Forest connection here are some sites to get you started:

Ashdown Forest – Winnie the Pooh

and of course the ubiquitous Wikipedia article .


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