Saturday is washing day

Saturday is washing day…at least in my house!  I’m so busy throughout the week that all the housework, with the exception of the most pressing things like emptying the rubbish bins and the dishes/washing up, is left till the weekend.  That means the soundtrack to my weekend is the washing machine.  The infernal thing is so s.l.o.w.!  Even the quick wash takes 1.5 hours.  Seriously!  I almost want it to break down so that I have to buy a new one…this time I’ll do more research and spend a bit more though.

Altered Peg

Altered Peg

So, the above rant came to mind because I wanted to share this altered clothes peg with you.  I did a frilly, pretty one back before Christmas, back before Lisa corrupted me, but it wasn’t really working with my new style.  I did this one after my first class with Mark Gould using DecoArts Traditions acrylic paints in cream, orange, and brown.  I sanded back to reveal the different colours (boy, does my sanding technique leave much to be desired, but I’ll get there).  I then added cogs from my favourite shop that I used Inka Gold on.  I use these pegs to hold my ATCs and other small things to be photographed.  Well, that and to look pretty on my shelf! lol

What do you use to hold your things when you take photos?


4 thoughts on “Saturday is washing day

  1. Looks really cool. I generally take my photos on my table outside or if it’s raining I hunt around the house for something to lay them out on.
    See you tomorrow….

  2. Hi Erin, I see you been getting dirty again with those inks and waxes. lol I love your cute peg. I think I may have to get one of those from our favourite shop as I haven’t got one YET! Have fun
    Amanda xx

  3. fabulous peg Erin hun love it great job i have one but not done anything with it yet – have a great weekend x

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