Colouring Lessons

I’ve bit the bullet and am taking the colouring classes from Kit and Clowder.   We are to upload a recently coloured image.  I chose this fab image from DitzieDigiDesigns. Alyce said nice things, but we’re going to work on more contrast (ie better highlights) and the shadows in the right places.  I’ve been working with her colour combinations (but, not on my practice sheets…I’ve so behind on my birthday cards!) and finding E000 to be really light and hard to get a good blend.  I’ve got to get my act together and do the practice sheets, upload them, and ask for help! lol  I do love to colour so really it shouldn’t be such a big issue.  I need to colour since I find it relaxing (usually) and I’m in the midst of a fibro flare.  I might do some painting/gessoing tonight as I find that the most relaxing.  Anyhoo, you’re probably not all that interested in all of that! lol



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