Art Journal Classes

Back in November I signed up for a set of 4 classes with Neil Walker.  The first one wasn’t until the first Sunday in March.  Do you know how long that was to wait?  An eternity I tell ya!  Well worth the wait though.

The first class we decorated the front and back covers (learning a number of techniques) and did did a painty background technique with masks.  Last class we learned even more painty backgrounds using tape, tissue paper, embossed card, and magazines. 


Have you ever made an art journal?


10 thoughts on “Art Journal Classes

    1. Thanks Linda! I’ve got my favourites, but they were all really neat to learn! Thanks for stopping by! xx

  1. Erin these are fab hun and also delighted to have received Scooter ATC he is adorable xxx

    1. Thanks Judith! I’m glad you like the ATC…I’m rather fond of the real thing meself! lol

    1. Thanks for stopping by Joan. I used all my favourite colours (except the black, but Neil had a page I just loved so I just copied his! lol). I really must try to push my boundaries, but it’s hard when I know I like these colours! lol

  2. Wow, what an amazing array of techniques! This is going to be such a great work of art when it’s completed….keep us posted!

    1. Thanks Judy! I will keep you posted, but I don’t know about the work of art part. It will be a work of the heart though! 😉

  3. Hi Erin, I am so Jealous that you get to try all these new and wonderful techniques. I so wish I lived closer to the shop. Great book, love it all!!! x

    1. Amanda, it’s totally awesome to live close to the shop. Should you ever want to come down, I have a spare room! Unfortunately, there’s no spare bed…it’s an air bed, but I’m sure the class would make up for it! lol

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