All Points Bulletin – Missing DT project

My DT project for Alter a Can over at That Craft Place 3 weeks ago never got posted.  I had that terrible bug that’s going round and felt like death.  I was able to just about get it done in time, but couldn’t get enough brain cells together to write a post about it! lol

SS Steampunk Erin

SS Steampunk Erin


I made the cut file on my awesome cammie for the balloon part and used Prima’s Stationer’s Desk for the patterned paper.  I used distress stains to stain chopsticks to connect to my altered can.  The altered can part is where it all went a bit pear shaped! lol


I covered a small bean can with embossing paste.  Before it set I pushed all kinds of metal embellishments like the heart with wings, the lightbulb, the leaf, and the watch that you can see into the paste.  Then I smeared paste over it all to make it white and to help hold the embellishments in place.  Now, because I was in a hurry (why do I procrastinate?) I started spraying everything with black and brown Dylusions before it was totally dry.  This was interesting…it kind of ‘melted’ the paste.  At one point I had almost the perfect colour.  Unfortunately, I didn’t walk away from the project at that point…this is something I’m working on! lol  Lastly, I used DecoArts Triple Thick spray to make it all shiny.  That turned everything slightly purple.  Again, because I didn’t wait for things to dry!  Damn procrastination!  Need to work on that after learning the point to walk away from the project.

I learned so much from this project.  Like double checking that the theme hasn’t changed whilst I wasn’t looking because it became alter anything which would have been so much easier!  And that everything takes me a long time so I should start much sooner.  LOL Seriously though, I do want to try adhering things to a can with modelling paste and using Dylusions to colour again.  I’d like to make an airship again too.

So, what project have you started and by the end hated because everything seemed to go pear shaped?

Links you need:

That Craft Place

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9 thoughts on “All Points Bulletin – Missing DT project

  1. Well I for one think this is fab Erin! I so need to get me a cutting machine!

    I know what you mean though, it’s sewing projects that more commonly end in disasters for me, so much so that I have actually binned 2 half done disasters in a huff! Haha!

  2. Hi Erin well that is super fab hun love it and well worth the wait to see it – have a great weekend and waves to Scooter and Prince Charming too x

  3. Whilst I’m not a fan of steampunk, (I just don’t understand it, haha)….I really like this project. Love the technique that you’ve used on the can….must try that (with some pretty embellies, lol) x

  4. WOW Erin this is fantastic! I love the pot it looks brilliant!
    Linda xxx

  5. This is awesome, Erin!

    Hope you are well again now! Love all the yummy texture you have created with that altered can! And I know exactly how it is to have these nasty and irritating drying times…LOL…the waiting is the hardest part! 😉

    But – wow! This really was worth every struggle! Sensational! LOVE it!

    Claudia x

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