Perks of Living near London – or a post that my aunt will like

The other day my friend, Debbie, took me up to London to hear Jeremy Piven and Daniel Lewis speak.  Now Debbie is really into films, theatre, telly, actors, etc.  I never know who she’s talking about.  In fact, I said yes to this trip without knowing who I was actually going to see!  Anyroads, I’ve never really understood why she was so INTO IT.

Jeremy Piven

Then Jeremy Piven (aka Mr Selfridge) walked out.  OMG  I totally get it!  What charisma!  What eyes!  What shoes!  He was charming and funny.  He had the audience eating out his hands.  I’m now desperate to watch Entourage and everything else he’s ever been in.  He made a comment about wanting to work with Spike Jones, Spike Lee, any of the Spikes.  I’m now considering renaming Scooter Spike so that I can ring Mr Piven up and say that one of the Spikes wants to work with him! lol


Damian LewisDamian Lewis and his stripy socks wasn’t nearly so charismatic, but boy can he tell a story!  It took me about 15 minutes, but I totally warmed to him.  He truly is a lovely man with the most amazing vocabulary.  I don’t think he repeated a single word!  Fabulously educated (Eton) and went to the same acting school as Ewan McGregor (he had a fab story about every student talking about doing THEATRE where Ewan all the time said he was going to do films…don’t know how that worked out for him (!)  ).  I now want to watch Band of Brothers again, find Forsyth Saga, Life and Homeland.  Why I am I always late to the party? lol

Going up to this was so easy by train and has reminded me how much I love live theatre.  I’m now looking for opportunities to go and see pretty much anything.  I wonder if I should start a Kickstart campaign to fund this new obsession? lol


One thought on “Perks of Living near London – or a post that my aunt will like

  1. Great post! Homeland is epic, but as for Entourage… forget that!

    Jeremy Piven as Mr Selfridge…. Now THAT is charisma and charm at work! ❤ I think Mr Piven is one of my few "straight crushes" *blushes*!!

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