Oh what a feeling!

menwillneverI recently completed a series of 4 workshops on Art Journaling with Neil Walker at my happy place…I might have mentioned it once or a million times! I did these backgrounds with DecoArt acrylic paint, masks, PaperArtsey stamps, and a vintage advert.  I saw this advert (the bra that’s a beauty treatment – obviously written by a man!) and immediately thought of this quote.  So true, eh?  I ripped strips of the magazine and then wove it to make the mat for the quote.

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That Craft Place Challenge Blog


10 thoughts on “Oh what a feeling!

  1. Great work Erin love this fabulous sentiment and can totally relate to it great job hugs Judith xxx

    1. Thanks Judith! When I saw the advert, I knew exactly what I wanted to do! lol Thanks for visiting. Erin xx

  2. I totally relate to this statement too! I love the journal pages Erin, you really enjoyed those classes with Neil I can tell xx

    1. The classes were amazing Judy! So inspiring and a little life consuming kwim? I seem to only want to journal at the mo! lol

    1. I don’t know about brilliant, but it is bright! lol I love the sentiment too. Erin xx

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