Toad & Magic – New Blog Name

As much as I loved the previous name, I chose it 5 years ago coming out of a 15 year marriage.  I was moving/had moved to a new country/new continent and was looking forward to starting over.  The quote, from Shakespeare, really helped me put the past behind me without overlooking, under emphasizing or even over emphasizing how those 15 years had shaped me.  It helped me put it all in perspective.  However, I’m now happily in a relationship with my very own made-to-measure (or to update it true British speak…bespoke) Prince Charming for 5 years (no comments about the speed of entering said relationship! lol) and very much settled into life in the English countryside. I think it’s time for a change.

Why Toad & Magic?  I’m embarrassed to say…it’s not my nickname though!  However, Toad is a character in a fab dystopian ya book I read recently…The Maze Runner which I highly recommend!  The magic part relates from to the magic I feel whenever I find time to sit down and create.

Thanks for coming along on this fabulous journey I’m on…I wonder what round the next bend?


I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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