A different type of Easter Egg

Oh the irony! Many of my teamies over at That Craft Place don’t normally do Easter or Easter cards and yet made the most amazing creations.  Now, I love Easter, it’s my second favourite holiday after Christmas and is actually more significant to me than Christmas.  Yet, I’m the one who made something rather frivolous and irrelevant to the true meaning of the holiday.

Toad & Magic

My mum’s Easter Egg Hunts live on in family lore.  They were truly epic!  We used to have to know how many she hid so that we knew to keep looking and even then we’d find the odd one days, weeks, months later!  Usually hidden in plain sight! One year she thought I was too old and didn’t buy any chocolate eggs.  I got up and asked if she was done and could I come down.  She ended up hiding these horrible pink and yellow (35 years later and I can still remember that’s how epic her hunts were!) bunny shaped sweets/candies that were supposed to be soft but had gone hard.  They were awful…so awful that my dad who loved sweets didn’t even eat them hence them still being around to hide!  The pleasure was in the hunt not the reward with me mum’s hunts! lol

IMG_0040Back to the challenge!  I bought this rather hideous basket at Poundland (a wonderful source of things to alter) for, well, a pound. I then Andy Skinnerised it using texture paste, stucco texture paste, a stencil from TCP, cosmic shimmer guiding wax in Autumn Bronze, and a shed load of DecoArt products.  After gessoing and putting the texture paste through the angel stencil, I painted it grey with the thought of following this technique. That didn’t quite happen!  I used Umber antiquing cream because I don’t have the black for some reason. The Quint gold made it quite orangey so I did a black wash ala Mark Gould, but I’m not quite as good at that as him! lol

Work in progress!

Work in progress!

At this point, I was unhappy with how it looked, but didn’t know what to do to fix it.  One of the things about buying from a small shop is the incredible support you get.  You can’t put a price on that…Lisa usually is the same price as others, although occasionally those who sell from their kitchen tables, and thus don’t have the overhead costs associated with a bricks and mortar shop, undercut.  I just don’t think it’s worth saving a few pence and not getting the support.  I asked what to do and Mark Gould and Claudia Neubacher, both on DecoArt’s international dt, responded with the best ideas!  They are both part of TCP Facebook group if you ever want to pick their amazing brains.

They suggested adding texture sand, which I substituted stucco paste for, through the stencil and then using English oxide red (think that’s the name), quint gold, and a touch of turquoise to make the rust.  Claudia even went so far as to link some pinterest pics for me!  I did that and then painted the angel with raw umber…didn’t like that.  Added oxide antiquing cream and wiped back…much better! Dry brushed with turquoise & quint gold, rubbed with cosmic shimmer autumn bronze,  dry brushed with old gold and then a touch of black.  Phew!  Loved the results, but now it was evening and I couldn’t take pictures for the blog! lol

Toad & Magic

I think what I love about this project is that it isn’t strictly an Easter basket…I can use year round.

Toad & Magic

These were Styrofoam ones bought from the uber posh Poundland!  I don’t have the Acrylic mister in black (yet!) so tried stippling carbon black on gessoed eggs with a stencil brush.  I then brushed quint gold over and viola!  Gorgeous rusty eggs! (I’m sure there’s an infertility metaphor for me in there somewhere…laugh instead of cry over it, eh?).

Toad & Magic

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13 thoughts on “A different type of Easter Egg

  1. A fabulously altered basket Erin and a great save. I’m impressed you didn’t give up on it. I’d have happily donated it to the bin long before your determination gave out. Maybe your Easter message is that you brought the basket back to life? I love how your “rusty eggs” turned out too xx

  2. I must admit I don’t do Easter but I do do Chocolate! This is a wonderful creation, so different. Creative Blessings, Tracy x

  3. Hi Erin
    Wow Wow Wow this project sounds like a labour of love with the odd bit of frustration thrown in.
    I take my hat off to you sweetie as this is absolutely stunning.
    I need to crack on with some decoart projects as I can’t let you have all the fun.
    Great job love it
    Hugs Ria xxxxxx

  4. Love love love love LOVE this!!! (yes, so much so that it warranted FIVE loves!). It reminded me of Game Of Thrones and of a project that I’m trying to create (but need 3 plastic easter egg packaging thingies for… without having to eat the eggs first haha!) xxSAMxx

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