Not for the faint of heart…

I almost called this post ‘Now for something completely different.’  This is completely different from anything I’ve ever done.  It’s even darker than my altered rat trap!  I suppose Mark Gould was right about embracing your dark side! lol

Toad & Magic

I’ve become completely obsessed with The Walking Dead.  I’ve watched all the shows, joined two Facebook groups, am listening to the audio books (almost half way through the third one), read the comics (and have put the compendiums, on my Christmas List) and listen to TWD podcasts.  This is all thanks to the nefarious influence of That Craft Place and it’s groupies!  (People like Danny, Kay, Mark, Claudia, and Kate are responsible.)

This is a tin (about the size of a pack of cards) that was bright yellow pre-alteration.  I covered the inside and outside with DecoArt grey paint (they all have beautiful names…I think this is called relic, but I’m too lazy to go up and look). The piece of wood stuck through the door handles (and the door handles themselves) is greyboard offcuts that I cut down to size and painted.  I then used carbon fluid acrylics (that had been watered down a touch so that it would run) to do the iconic words (this is from a scene in the very first episode and a rather famous motif in TWD fandom).

Toad & Magic

Should you not heed the warning, inside are model train sized people.  I painted them with blood, I mean red paint, and then did a ‘dirty wash’ with Paynes Grey and Quin Gold fluid acrylics.  I glued them in with silcone glue.

I think it almost goes without saying, but incase you haven’t been here before, all crafty supplies are from the best craft shop ever, That Craft Place.  TCP is my local craft shop, but they have an online presence as well.

Don’t forget the challenge over at Altered Eclectics (altered items and mixed media projects) is always Anything Goes.


11 thoughts on “Not for the faint of heart…

  1. Brilliant! Lol, you made me chuckle when you said you had painted them in blood 😉 Have a wonderful weekend.
    Linda xxx

  2. A fabulous and imaginative project Erin. A bit dark and gruesome, but a brilliant idea xx

  3. I just love your dark side and I find this project so much fun – I would never have thought of doing what you did with mini people and using the word blood made me chuckle (after the deep sucking of air and gasping!) love it hun xx

  4. Fabulous Erin albeit the Walking Dead isn t my thing I prefer crime drama – awesome work hugs Judith xxx

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