Mr Dressup’s Tickle Trunk

When I was a little girl, my favourite show was Mr Dressup.  As the name imtickletrunkplies, he dressed up every episode.  His tickle trunk held all his costumes or fancy dress.  Every day he’d act out a story, sometimes ones that were familar and other times ones that only him and his adopted son, a puppet named Casey, seemed to know.  I’d set enthralled for the full 30 minutes while Mr Dressup, drew, crafted, told stories, and generally entertained.

Toad & MagicThis little box is a bit like the tickle trunk.  I used pale turquoise, grey (which I didn’t mean to do, but I was impaired by painkillers lol), red and blue.  I did the sanding technique that Mark Gould taught.  Since I’m sanding impaired I have to use a really fine grit (600 and I still end up sanding down to the original item!) sandpaper.  Despite that, you can’t see the grey at all!  I don’t know if that’s a solution for me (add a layer of colour that you don’t really want) or just a happy accident, Toad & Magiceither way I was happy with the result.  The greyboard keyhole was splattered black paint and then has a coat of quin gold to rusty it up.   I also used a bit of red oxide antiquing cream on the outside.  I then wiped the dirty wet wipe over the inside of the box to age  the inside and tone down the brightness.  I was pleased with how that worked out too!

This is a small box and I store my itsy bitsy dies in it so I can always find them!

That Craft Place sells the trunks, paints, antiquing cream, and the greyboard keyholes.





7 thoughts on “Mr Dressup’s Tickle Trunk

  1. Your trunk looks fabulous! Loving the texture on the outside.
    Linda xxx

  2. A wonderful looking trunk Erin. The paint effect on the outside looks fabulous and I love the colour on the inside xx

  3. Me want a Tickle trunk haha! I’ve never heard of the show, think is have loved it!

    Great effect on your trunk, whether accident or not!! xxSAMxx

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