Why buy…

why buyI’m sure you’ve seen this meme and found a lot of truth in the humour.  Well, I couldn’t stop thinking about it whilst making this project.


I needed a new toothbrush holder.  My only options were to get one from Argos or make one since I’ve been rather housebound because of my health.  Of course I decided to make it! 😉

This was a jar of olives recently that has been painted with white chalk paint.  Because it goes on so smoothly, even on glass, you can paint the outside.  I then used archival ink to stamp the flowers and butterflies (JOFY).  They looked a bit sparse and empty so I used fluid acrylics to colour them in.  I wrapped the lovely string/plait stuff round the top where the threads were showing.  Lastly, I varnished it with a few coats of satin varnish.

Toad & Magic



You can get everything to make your very own toothbrush holder (except the jar of olives!) from my favourite shop aka That Craft Place.

Have you ever made something that you could have bought cheaper?

I’d like to enter the following challenges:









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