My first video

Growing up my mum took hundreds of videos of me riding.  Mostly over fences classes so I could watch and learn from my mistakes (of which there were plenty!).  This though is my first crafty video.  I did it by just holding my tablet in one (shakey) hand so I apologise for the quality! lol

Three of us regulars at That Craft Place in Eastbourne have missed the regular classes so we decided to put crafty days on ourselves.  Fortunately, Mickie is the queen of mini books and has about 2 years worth of books to teach us.  This is the first one.  We met up again on the 11th for the next one, but if you’re interested in joining us, the third one (we’ll get you up to speed if necessary) will be the second Saturday of October (always on the second Saturday).

All the dies used are available from That Craft Place.  I’ve been having lots of fun with this little book and have made 2 more which I’ll show soon.

My first videoMy first video


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