One can find inspiration anywhere!

So the other day, I was watching Pawn Stars with Prince Charming.  There was this fabulous picture/painting/print hanging behind the counter that I couldn’t take my eyes off of.  My crafty attempt to replicate (and I don’t own anything like a Beatles stamp) looks NOTHING, and I mean nothing, like the painting.  I tried to find a link to it, but my Google skills are appalling.  Anyway, I hate to waste paint and I squirted too much onto my craft mat and so the page is far too covered in paint!  It’s been a long time since my little dab will do you days of primary school. I attempted to add some scratches with bamboo skewer which was less than successful in places.

Toad & Magic

In an attempt to fix, I liberally spritzed gold ink from DoCrafts which gives it a really lovely sheen if you hold it just right.  The edge and corner is a Crafters Companion stamp and the chair is from Paper Bag Stamps.  The alpha stamps, paints, inks, sprays, and CC stamps are all from TCP.


7 thoughts on “One can find inspiration anywhere!

  1. Love this Erin, the colours are so, so vibrant and the wording is perfect. I will watch TV progs with extra vigilance and wearing my “crafty head” from now on!

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