Life is never perfect…

I’ve had a lot of changes in the 14 months since I last blogged.  I’ve ended a long term relationship, moved back in with my parents which also means I’ve moved back to Canada, and started a new career.  My life is dramatically different.  I still have my dog and love crafting though!

Most of my supplies are still (hopefully) in the UK.  I’ve started to buy some essentials and start creating again.  Here’s a journal page done with limited supplies and inspired by the wonderful Marta.

never perfect 2.jpgI bought a book at the local thrift shop this week and glued several pages together.  I glued  tissue paper and then lightly gessoed the pages.  I used my heat gun to dry the gesso and at first accidentally caused some bubbling.  I liked the look of the bubbles (I am stencil-less at the moment and needed some way to add texture) and so continued to do it on purpose.  I then used watered down paint and a paint brush to get pink drips.  I liked the look of that and added some yellow using the same technique.  My order of DecoArts arrived and pulled out the white and black media misters and used those to add some more colour.  I also used some mica misters from Ranger which really don’t show up, but add a lovely sparkle in real life.  I then used more of the yellow (iron oxide fluid acrylic) to white card, a touch of the pink, and a couple of spritzes of the sprays before stamping the image and words.   Lastly I dipped my finger in black paint and ran round the edges of the spread.  My, it feels great to be creating again!



4 thoughts on “Life is never perfect…

  1. Hi Erin, wishing you all the very best for the future and just adore this page. Sorry that life has been difficult for you and looking forward to seeing your creations this year.
    Linda xxx

  2. Good to see you creating again Erin – that is a lovely page – and this is me whose favourite colour is definitely not pink! Well done xx

  3. Hi Lovely Erin,
    It’s so good to see you blogging again, and I can see that now your fingers are in those paint pots, you are happy in your crafting zone again! I love the pink journal pages, what a happy colour that is. I hope you will soon have your full range of craft materials with you in Canada so you can really let rip!! Do your Mum and Dad know what you have stored in those craft boxes that are still here? Don’t be giving them too much of a shock lol! You may have to build a craft extension.
    Be happy, stay in the pink,
    Much love, Judy xxxx

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